Who are those people behind turning a Muslim man into a Hindu God…The untold story!

Who are those people behind turning a Muslim man into a Hindu God…The untold story!

This article will probably shake many of our believes and lead us into confused state. But after all journalism is all about putting issues, news or facts before people and let them decide whether they are going on right path.

Recently, I found an article on Saibaba which had a very contrasting views against many peoples believe. In fact, I was stunned reading the article and cross checked the claims which seems to have had some relevance and could not be completely ignored. It will definitely put a lot of believers into deep thinking.

The story goes as narrated by a Muslim man who was working as a helmsman, he was from Shirdi, Ahmednagar district. His house was next to the old dilapidated mosque (Dwarkamai), with a wall missing, in which Sai Baba stayed for more than 60 long years. His father along with other Muslims in the area used to get ash from Sai baba’s fireplace —as he doubled as an Hakim ( Muslim doctor). He said one of his uncle was Haji Abdul Baba who helped Sai Baba himself during his old days by giving him bath, help him change clothes etc. He had said that Sai Baba was circumcised according to Muslim tradition.

The man says that whenever people collected ashes from him, he would say ALLAH MALIK “ – “Allah is greatest” which is nothing but a synonym for Alla hu Akbar. With having a complete Muslim background, how did Sai Bab become a Hindu God was the big question. The writer goes on to say that there was a bigger conspiracy behind making Sai Baba a Hindu God. It is said that a very powerful British group called Rothschild was behind this huge conspiracy of making a Muslim man a Hindu God. The main reason is said to be attacking the roots of Hinduism and deviating people from following the actual Santana Dharma.

Rothschild family is said to be one of the most powerful and richest family in the world. Their family claims a net worth of $500 trillion and is said to own nearly 70% of world’s wealth. Their power extends from Business to media to politics and have influence over all global affairs from East to West and North to South.

Sai Baba was originally a Muslim, turning him into a Hindu God and attract Hindu devotees towards him was said to be the main agenda, for which the Rothschild is said to have helped the British 100 years back. This was a plan to introduce a so called God which can be placed above Lord Shiva or Lord Vishnu. This was a perfect way of depicting Sai Baba was above all Hindu Gods.

Take a look at certain pictures, these clearly indicates Sai Baba is shown as a person above all Hindu Gods. And you can probably see these pictures in almost all public places.

Remember in Sanatana Dharma or Hinduism, saints are not considered as God or above God. They are considered as someone who connects us with the God, someone who builds a bridge between God and people.

For example, there are main Hindu saints in History like Basavanna, Adi Shankaracharya, Madhavacharya, Kanakadasa who are known for bringing reforms in the society. No where do you see pictures which depict these saints as above Gods, but you rather see these saints bowing to Gods.

Why is it only in case of Sai Baba that he is depicted above Hindu Gods??

The Muslim helmsman had also said that along with his father and other Muslim people, Sai Baba used to perform Namaz 5 times a day and was a very strict follower of Muslim tradition. It is said that he insisted people to read Quran above all books.

The writer goes on to say that it was a clear conspiracy by what he terms as WHITE INVADERS to delink Hindus from their roots. He also states many examples as to how people receive hundreds of messages about Sai Baba asking them to forward it to 17 people, 21 people or even 50 people if they want happiness in life. They are also given a warning if they do not forward, something bad is bound to happen.

Now, all theories apart, speaking only with logic and sense, which GOD expects you to spread messages to 17 people and would threaten you to curse otherwise. Moreover, Hinduism never preaches or forces people to spread Hinduism over other religions, it is rather the tradition of Islam which preaches people to spread Islam through out the world.

Many newspapers and media says that both Hindu and Muslim devotees visit Shirdi temple. But the fact is, it is 99% of Hindus and less than 1% Muslims visit Shirdi. The author also gives instances where many people have tried to change the narrative saying that Sai Baba was born in a Hindu Brahmin family, while the fact is that he was born in a Muslim family. As Muslim helmsman himself says that Sai Baba was circumcised which is a tradition in Muslim families and not among Hindus.

He claims that there are various evidence to show that he was a Muslim follower and preached ALLAH MALIK “ – “Allah is greatest” to all his devotees. It is said that he also taught stances from Quran, but since he was an illiterate the writer expresses concern that how was he able to read Quran unless somebody had instructed him earlier what he needs to speak.

After his death in 1918, many British started propagating stories that he was the incarnation of Lord Shiva himself. But according to Hindu literature, Lord Shiva has no different avatars unlike Vishnu. They also created a Hindu temple in his name at Bhivpuri, Karjat, Mumbai.

So, the writer puts serious doubts on the emergence of Sai Baba and his transformation into a Hindu God. He sites that many foreign funded NGO and foreign agencies are working to project him as the ultimate God of Hindus. He also states that in a span of 20 years, the Shirdi temple gained exponential popularity and this was mainly propagated with the help of foreign NGOs. In the temple, the Sai Baba is placed just like how Hindu Gods are placed with a pot of water over his head to mimic the idea of Hindu culture.

The Shirdi temple receives over 25,000 pilgrims a day and reaches to over 1,20,000 during Hindu festivals. It is one of the top 3 richest temples in India and the wealth is worth over 2,000 crores. The author says that PR machinery is so vibrant and wide spread that it attracts people from all over India. He says this cannot be achieved without the support of powerful institutions working back doors to project a Muslim man as Hindu God.

He says Hinduism is a very divine subject which is synchronized with the nature and every acts and deeds lead us towards achieving salvation and takes us near to God. But the way Sai Baba’s story and money making business is done is nothing close to Hinduism or its principles but a conspiracy to destroy the Hindu culture completely by attacking the roots of the culture.

So, definitely, some of the issues need to be analysed logically and not react emotionally as this is something which can alter the culture of India and Hinduism. The uniqueness of Hinduism and Santana Dharma that it always encourages debates, logic and doesn’t ask anyone to believe anything blindly. And this is exactly why the details have been given and the decision is left to the readers.

We do not intend to hurt the feeling of any believers or question their trust and it is upto people’s analysing capacity and their choice to believe it or not!!!

#आर्यवर्त #Aaryvrt

Author: Gautam Kothari (Aaryvrt)

राष्ट्रहित सर्वोपरी जयतु हिन्दुराष्ट्रम वंदे मातरम

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